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OPSEC Guidelines

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1 OPSEC Guidelines on Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:39 am


Okay sooo this is a simppple way to protect yourself and your loved ones.
This is mainly for military ladies but I think it pertains to everyone.

1.) DO NOT openly talk about you SO being away/deployed.

2.) DO NOT give specific details (ex. Ships, Addresses, homecomings/departures.)

3.) DO NOT give our SO's rank (pertains more to military)

Really that is it. I will be reading all posts to make sure and my mods and I will be deleting/editing posts if we feel as though OPSEC is broken. Please remember it is nothing against you we are just trying to protect you and your loved ones!

OPSEC is a very important part of being active and posting on the Forever His Forums. The discussions and interactive nature of the site sometimes allow people to feel a sense of security, making it easy to discuss and divulge sensitive information.

I'd like everyone to please review our OPSEC page with our policies on what can and cannot be discussed on the forums.

What OPSEC means to you on the Forever His Forums:

OPSEC is taken very seriously on our forums. Any violations of OPSEC will be promptly edited/removed.

Things you are NEVER allowed to post under any circumstances:

* ship/troop movement - this includes locations, arrival and departure dates, upcoming port visits and any other specifics pertaining to the present or future location or movement
* personal information - addresses, phone numbers, last names, etc.
* countdown tickers - please do not post tickers that countdown to homecoming, but feel free to post countup tickers that count the number of days that your loved one has been gone

If you feel comfortable with exchanging personal information (address, phone number and last name) for get togethers and group exchanges, you may do so at your discretion through private messaging, with members you trust. Please be cautious with whom you trust and give personal information to.

Make sure you have some sort of established relationship with a member who you decide to share your information with. If a new member who you don't know sends you a message asking for any type of personal information, please make sure this person has a legit reason for asking before you give them any type of information.

Remember, even when the news is talking about homecoming dates, they usually do not have accurate information, they are merely counting up by 6 months or however long the deployment is supposed to last. So, it's usually not a good idea to post specific homecoming dates, even if you feel like they are public knowledge.

OPSEC guidelines are serious business here, not because we like to edit posts and signatures or want to be mean, but because we all sincerely care about our troops' safety. With message boards becoming more popular and easily accessible by anyone, it's so easy for people with bad intentions to get ahold of sensitive information, piece it all together, and put together plans that could seriously jeopardize not only our troops but our country, as well.

So, please think twice before posting information that you feel could be sensitive. When in doubt, ask any member of staff before posting. I like to use the phrase "When in doubt, just leave it out". If you don't know for sure if you can post it, please don't.


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